Asphalt Pouring Options from Bitu Terazzo

There are quite a lot of companies that offer you the poured asphalt screed nowadays. It is because this kind of flooring is becoming another option that many people choose for their commercial needs, though some of them are using it for the residential needs too. For your information, Bitu Terazzo is one of those companies that do this kind of flooring for your needs. As a matter of fact, they are one of the best that you can find in Europe. There are a lot of things that made their ground poured asphalt screed to be one of the best. Some of them are the qualities, the price, and also the options. The last one is one of the most common reasons why a lot of people are calling Bitu Terazzo for their asphalt screed needs. That is because this company offers them quite a lot of options for the poured asphalt options.

Vario Pinto

Vario Pinto is the name of their most common design. They call it the most common because the look is quite simple. As an addition to that, this kind of asphalt flooring design is actually something that you can find from many other companies that offer similar services. That is why you can say that this first option is the common one that you can find anywhere. For the size of the rocks, it is actually quite random. You can find the small rocks, but the larger rocks are quite large in size.


The term of classic for this kind of poured asphalt design is taken from the look of the rock. Yes, this design is using the classic looking grey rock. It is something that you usually get from normal and standard asphalt. That is why you can say that this design is something relatively similar to the real asphalt that you can find on the street. However, of course, it is not the same thing.


If you have seen something that looks like the real asphalt, then you need to know that there is another color for the rock that is usually used for the poured asphalt. On this case, Bitu Terazzo offers you the Bianco, the white combination. The meaning of white combination is that Bitu Terazzo uses white rocks for the extra color for their poured asphalt screed. For the size of the rocks, it is actually quite small. This is the reason why the color blends perfectly between the natural color of asphalt and the white rocks.


Unlike some other options that will only give, you the option to change the rock colors, in Ruby you will get the whole new design for the poured asphalt screed. That is because the asphalt was pigmented with red color to make it looks quite different. As an addition to that, they also add some bright colored stones there. This is the reason why you can get the reddish looking flooring with some bright stones inside the poured asphalt screed. This will be a nice option to choose from.